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Last Chance - The Beast Hunter

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Last Chance is missing. A beast tamer of impressive power and talent, he was captured by the Knights of Metaredan in an attempt to free their imprisoned master. Used as a magic battery to power a mystic machine, he was the final piece needed to unleash Metaredan's revenge on the remaining free wizards of Kimua.
The magic shield that protect the island of Kimua from the effects of the Severing spell was destroyed. The various wizards were exposed to the Severing and lost their abilities to use magic. Also, the machine unleashed enough power to weaken the barrier between dimensions, letting hordes of demons to cross over and attack.
Time has past and things have changed. Nearly all wizards left on Kimua cannot use magic. If not for magic constructs like beasts, many would be completely defenseless to demonic attack. Only beast tamers can use magic, limited as it already was. Pockets of civilization remain thanks to the efforts of tamers and their beasts. The largest being the vast tracks of lands belonging to the Chance ranch. Star Chance and her teams of tamers and beasts have made the largest safe haven on the entire island. But forces are gathering to change all that.....

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