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Glossary of Terms

History of Marionettes, Beast, and Kimua.


Beasts - Self-sustaining, living, free-thinking magic constructs. Originally created to act as familars to low level magic users and protection from the many dangers of a world of magic. Most are based off of animal spirits or are half-animal, half-man in form.
Beast Battle/Fight - A sport popular in the many realms of Kimua. It involves one-on-one battle between two beasts. Some battles are directed by tamers. Many tamers have gained fame from such competitions.
Beast Crystals - Maga crystals reconfigured to create a beast or marionette.
Beast Force Lock - A powerful spell used to force a beast lock. It is only used in emergencies as it requires a great deal of magic and renders it's caster defenseless.
Beast Guantlet - Magic device used by beast tamers to locate and capture rogue beasts.
Beast Hunter - A modern term for someone who hunts and captures rogue or wild beasts and marionettes that terrorize the land. Is was used to describe beast tamers, who can use magic, and those who hunt by other, non-magical, means.
Beast Lock - Magic spell used to deactivate a beast or marionette into its dormant beast crystal form.
Beastsmith - A skilled magic-user that can create beasts from maga crystals. They can also reconfigure and heal beasts.
Beast Tamer/Hunter - Original term for a low-level magic user who could pacify wild beasts and marionettes. Beast Hunter is a modern term that applies to tamers as well. A Tamer can also be a beastsmith.
Collector - Term used to describe a magic user from one of the Wizarding cities that steals any form of magic, including beasts and beasts crystal.
Kimua - A world of wizards and magic. Vast, floating wizard cities and many strange lands. It is also the name of the island continent where the Chance family lives.
Kimua Adan - The island nation where Last and the others live. It had been protected by a barrier shield since the time of the Great Severing. Maga Crystal - A prewritten, complex magic spell in crystal form.
Magic Proxy - A nonliving, magic construct.
Marionette - A magic construct, little more than a golem. Their main purpose were to act as magic proxy in wizard duels. Most were based off of creatures of myth and legend. Marionette Duels - A form of wizard duel where the magic users use a magic proxy to settle their disputes. It ends in one of three ways. A marionette is trapped and can no longer battle, it uses all it magic reserves and deactivates, or it is killed.


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