Last's Beast
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Story So Far
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Susie is Last's alpha, his first and most powerful beast. Created by Last when he was a child she is his oldest friend and a unique beast. She cannot be force lock, even by magic users and she has the ability to absorb other magic constructs and their abilities. Her full abilities are unknown.
First appearance LastChance02.


Tyger Cat was created by Last's mother, Star Chance, to act as a guardian when Last was a young tamer. He is also a alpha level beast with various magic abilities.
First appearance LastChance07.


Deva is a bat beast girl. The second beast Last created, she is his bravo or second in command. She posseses various mental abilities and sonic cries.
First appearance LastChance16.


Minnie is an alpha level beast. Her abilities are earth magic and healing.


A skunk girl alpha beast.


Sargossa is a young turtle beast. Her attacks are all water base.
First appearance LastChance16


Nekka is a cat beast girl. Not one of Last's creations, she was won in a Dega match against Yojoshi. When Last and Susie won, Yojoshi had to give up his beast girl. More of a brawler, she has a limited number of magic attacks.
First appearance LastChance13

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