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Last Chance
Last Chance
Last is a beast tamer. One of the best, he has the ability to create and control humunoid beasts. Until recently, he was a well respected Tamer and Beast Fighter. After a incident in which it was revealed that he and his beasts are more powerful than they should be he has been suspended in disgrace. Dejected, he's tried to lose himself in hunting wild reanimated beasts. Unfortunately, his enemies and fate have other plans.
First appearance: original-LastChance01, current-LC001.

Star Chance
Star Chance
Star Chance is Last's mother and one of the greatest living beast fighter. She is so powerful that she doesn't need a beast gauntlet to control or call her beasts. Her abilites are quite unique in that she is one of the few beast tamers to have knowledge and powers beyond that of most full fledge wizards. She is also an adminstrator at the Chance Academy.
First appearance: original-LastChance06, current-LC031

Emily Chance
Emily Chance
Emily Chance is Last's sister. She is also a beast tamer but not a beast fighter. She takes care of the daily operations of the Chance Ranch and an instructor at the Chance Academy.
First appearance: original-LastChance04, current-LC159.

Ryu Akagi
Ryu is a spirit fighter and Last's best friend.
First appearance LC048.

Kaori Akagi
Koari is the head priestess of the Akagi shrine.
First appearance

Ryumei Gatra

The goddess of the Akagi Shrine, she has fought the demonic hordes that have attack Kimua since the last Sorceror War. Now she has merged with her priestess Kaori in order to stop another great war from starting.
First appearance LC097

Ryoko Sai

Guardian goddess of the Goddess Ryumei Gatra, she has merged with the spirit fighter Ryu Akagi in order to protect her goddess after her transition.
First appearance LC107

Ronnie Tyler

Ronnie is a young tamer that idolizes Last and hopes to one day be as famous as Last is. First appearance LC049.



Apprentice to an unnamed wizard outside the barrier that surrounds Kimua Adan.
First appearance LC162.

Unnamed Elder

Mysterious wizard.
First appearance: original-LastChance10, current-LC162.

Yojoshi is from a rival beast ranch whose members have all been defeated by Star Chance. He challenged Last to a beast match in hopes of reclaiming his ranch's lost honor and Last's alpha. After losing the battle and a beast to Last he vows revenge.
First appearance: LastChance12, current-LC048.

Kassandra Winggate
Kassandra Winggate
Kassandra Winggate is a new student at the Chance Academy of Magic and Wizardy. She is also a Collector, a magic user from a wizarding city, that steals beasts and other constructs from beast tamers. Like most from the floating cities, she looks down on those who live below on the ground and especially beast tamers.
First appearance LC022

Commissioner Vogel
Commissioner Vogel
Vogel is the newly appointed commissioner of the Beast Fighting League. During the last Beast Tournament, he and other wizards were made to look incompetent by the heroics of Last Chance. Now, to reestablish their positions, Vogel is plotting to make an example of Last and his beasts.
First appearance LC045.

Knight Galileo Galilee

A Knight Of Metaredan for the majority of her life, she has dedicated it to the search and liberation of her imprisoned master, the dark wizard Metaredan.
First appearance LC037.

Knight Amerigo

A Knight Of Metaredan. After hundreds of years, He and his partner are the last two Knights left. And the ones most likely to free him.
First appearance LC044.

A high ranking demon, Ravenskull commands the many hordes that have attacked the rest of Kimua since the Great Calamity.
First appearance LC123.

A mysterious, powerful demon who has dealings with the Metaredan and his Knights. He aiding the Knights in recovering their imprisoned master in exchange for weaking the barrier between the barrier between the human world and the demon plane.



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