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Sorry for the lack of updates, busy with taxes and other things. But, here's a new page and I'll "TRY" to get a new page up monday.
Last week was rather hectic for me so I wasn't able to work on any of the comics like I wanted. But, over the weekend I sat down and finished a new page of The Dark Bane and this page. And don't worry storywise, Patriech will start explaining what's going on in the next couple of pages.
Early update. Or late. I'm helping my brother move his stuff from NYC back down here in Richmond so I'm going to be busy monday. And since I don't know when I'll be finish and I missed last week's update I posting the new page up early.
A new page and a new TWC vote incentive. Click to see an alternative look for Deva, as it will be appearing later on in the comic.
It's a new year with a new page. Well, not "new" new as I it was inked weeks ago and finished last week, but you know what I mean.
Sorry for the late of updates/new comics. I haven't been feeling well. Looks like this will be the last update of 2011 for Last Chance TBH. Pretty soon this chapter will come to a close and a new world will greet everyone.
I was busy yesterday working on the next set of pages After I got them all cleaned up and the next page done, I had trouble uploading the files to the site. It was late so I called it a night and head back down to my dad's place and would finish up there. Only problem was that I left the flash drive, with the new page, back at the house. Again.
Okay, a late post. I still haven't recovered from working black friday. I had to work from 1130 to 8am. Then drive back down to my dad's place where I promptly fell asleep. My sleep cycle is still messed up to the point that The Dark Bane didn't get update until today. Check it out. Things should get back to normal by next week.
And the finished version of LC354 is now up. But you can still see the original line work by clicking the link below.

Ran into a little hiccup on this update. I came back home after work today thinking that I was going to do a quick update only to find out that that ain't happening. What I thought was a finished page turned out to be one that I had only had just scanned in and cleaned up. It has no dialogue, no word balloons or anything else. So it looks like the finish comic won't be up until tomorrow. Until then enjoy the black and white art.
Sorry for the delay, found out last sunday night that I left all the scans of the comic back on my desktop while working at my dad's place. Just now finished the next page.
Picard 19-Sept-11
I'm back with a new page. Still adjusting to commuting back and forth from my dad's place and work and working on my repaired laptop. As far as the next update, I've got the next two LC pages inked as well as the Dark Bane. I'll work on them as soon as I can as I try to build a bigger comic buffer.
ObiWan 05-Sept-11
Well, I manage to get back home today with the inked pages and got to work. Power came back on at my house friday night, but I'm still down at my dad's place while he's recovering. With luck, I'll have the next pages done on time.
Cara 27-Aug-11
Early update, just in case the storm knocks out my power.
And we've hit the big numbers! With this update, Last Chance has reached over 300 pages of the current series. And the Dark Bane finally reaches 100 pages.
Well, I missed updating over the weekend, but today is alright as well. Sam and her beasts finish up their battle here and we learn more about the history of the Silverdrakes in the pages of the Dark Bane. And for those of you wondering, I will try to get new pages up by this weekend. And I've also fixed it so that if you want to see the first comic of the current series you can instead of the original series.
I've been busy with working on the new chapter of the Dark Bane and the growing pain that is my day job. Sorry for the delay.
I'm updating the comic today since I missed last weekend's update and because 1) I don't want people to wait until this friday and 2) I don't think I can produce more pages by this friday. I've also finally fixed the background picture that was done years ago with a dim monitor. I just didn't know at the time it was dim and many of my pictures suffered. It and a couple of others still were either on my to do lists or I didn't know it was screwed up. I've gone back and fixed some more and updated the Gallery page to show some of the sketches I've done.
Had some story problems last week which held up both comics. We're back now and next week we return to Sam in the present time. I also have a new sketch up of Last, Phirelle and Elise.
angelica bridges07-June-09
Want more Last Chance? I've decided to do a bonus comic. But only if enough people donate to the site. If my goal is meet I'll draw a short story that'll be chock full of fanservice. Just click on Codename V picture up above to donate.
Sorry for the delay. I'm finishing up the last pages of the Dark Bane and I wanted all the pages inked before I lettered anything else. It should be updated over the weekend. It'll be a while before I start working on another comic, so I'll only be working on Last Chance pages. Which should be a good thing since I've fallen behind on updates.
Well, heres the good news this Ides of March. The scanner is working again. Turns out it was the power adapter that was dead. I went out and bought a new one friday and it's working fine. Ask you can see I've already scanned in the inked version of LC237. Now I just got to letter it and get to work on the other pages.
The next update is going to be delayed. I had finished inking LC237 last weekend and came home from work monday prepare to at least scan it in when I learned that my scanner wouldn't work. So until I get a new scanner or fix the broken one KnightQuest is on a break. I'll continue to draw pages so hopefully I'll have a nice big number of comics ready and done.
There won't be a update of Last Chance this weekend. I'm working on the last pages of the Dark Bane and I got a email from comixpedia wanting me to remove the defunct link since it was eating up bandwidth. Since the code is on around 200 pages I'm going to be busy for a while.
Finally took a nap last wednesday after work and woke up rested and able to start work on the comic. If I can maintain this sleep pattern the comic should resume regular weekly updates again.
Work has kept me busy the last few weeks. I've barely had time to get in sleep, let alone draw anything. I'm working on the comic right now trying to get some new pages done by this weekend. Here's a sketch of the new baddie, Jericha to tide you over.
I'm back with a three page update. Chapter 8 continues.
Well, here's a prime example of a "more or less" friday update on a monday! The change in temperature last week through me off. But I managed to get the pages done and up today instead of waiting to post them up friday. Although I only managed to finish the Last Chance pages today, check the site tomorrow (hopefully) for a new Dark Bane page. Here's a work in progress sneak peak.
Well, I'm back with last week's intended update. Last week, I found out at the last minute that I had to work at my other job at the amusement park which screwed up my schedule. It also screwed up my sleep to the point where I didn't get the chance to work on new pages. Any way, I'm done with park now and there shouldn't be any more hiccups in getting pages done from now on.
Deva 23-Aug-08
No new comics this week. Originally, LC219 was going to be the last page of the chapter, but I wanted to introduce a new character and explain more of whats going on back at the academy. Plus, I hadn't done the cover or any thumbnails for the next chapter. I have plenty done as of now, and we should be back with new comics next week.
Last Chance 09-Aug-08
LC216 contains references to the second chapter, The Collector.
The Story so far page has been updated.
I know I said that I would update LC and other comics last friday, but many things came up. To tide you all over until this friday's update, here's a unfinished Super Mario & Princess Peach sketch.
And we're back with two new pages of Last Chance. The story continues next week.
saragossa 02-May-08
No new Last Chance this friday, but I do have a four page Demon's Heart comic up right now.
Last 29-Apr-08 is 2 year old and Last Chance reaches a 200 page count with two new pages. Also check out the Dark Bane's 4 page update.
No new comic today. I've been busy deciding on what story to show next. Should we check in with Kassandra and the girls hunting out the Severing' cause, Susie and the others back at the academy, or another hunter, Sam, who sort of appeared in the tournament match chapter before. The comic should return next week.
One new page today. And Last Chance now has a mirror over on DrunkDuck.
One new page marks the end of chapter six, It All Falls Down. The next chapter, After the Fall, will start here next week.
Two new pages and a new sketch is in the ArtBox down below. Its of a new catgirl beast named, Wednesday.
I'm back after a short break. The end of the chapter is near. More next week.
I've rested enough. Last Chance is back with two new pages. The story continues!
05-Oct-07 I'm tired. I wasn't able to draw the next two pages so here's the thumbnail of LC177. The finish page will be done later on.
Well, its been five years since I started this comic and KnightQuest-Online. When I started I ran into a some problems. I found out early on that I couldn't update this comic three times a week. Also, my first webhost sucked! It was the reason why the first series abruptly ended. After that I started doing various quick sketches and reworking the comic until a couple years later I restarted the comic. And it still going with over 176 plus pages. More Last Chance next week.
There was no update last week due to work. But, here's a two page update and also the Dark Bane was updated as well. Be here next week for another update as Last Chance and KnightQuest Online turn FIVE years old.
Another three page update and Chapter Six now has a title: It All Falls Down.
Sorry for the late update, but here's a special three page update. More Last Chance next week.
I'm updating a day early since I finished the pages yesterday. No need to make people wait even longer. The first two pages of the next chapter as well as finished cover are now up. We return to the fighting in the rock temple next week.
Over the weekend, I managed to get the chap 6 cover and the next two pages done. I just need to letter them. The pages will be up sometime this week.
Chapter 5 finally comes to a close. Around 55 pages long, its the longest chapter I've done yet. And it would have been longer but I felt enough was enough and decided to finish what I planned to do off in another chapter. Next week I should have the first chapter title page done and a new comic as well. I've also update to vote gift with a sketch of the catgirl deva. More next week.
After some down time, I'm back with a new page. One more page and its the end of this chapter and the start of another. More next week.
LC154 was finally lettered and two new pages are up.
I've got to be at work tomorrow so I was only able to letter page LC154. LC155 is up, but not lettered. I'll try to finish it before next week update. I've also receive a Kustom Pin-up from Fedx of ElectricSportsBra.Com that's now up in the gift art gallery. I'm open to more from other artists and fans. And I've update the Art Box at the bottom of the page with a work in progress sketch of Sir Rafael from the Dark Bane.
My job at the amusement park extended my work hours for the forseeable future last week which meant that I had no time to scan or letter last week's update. But I found the time and here they are.
Only one page this week. Things came up to delay me.
Still messing around with the front page. I've also started to feature websites of artist that like as well Check 'em out.
I'm back with 2 new pages of Last Chance. Also, to celebrate the move one year ago of KnightQuest Online to I've finally updated the Dark Bane comic with two new pages. More new comics and other stuff will be up to celebrate, like the sketch of Cheetara in the Art Box down below. More later.
No update this week. After what happened at Virginia Tech I don't feel like drawing. The comic resumes next week.
Work got in the way again. The park is a week away from opening so I now have two jobs. Here's the pages I promised last monday and this week's update as well.
The next two pages are inked and scanned but that's about it. I've yet to letter or touch them up. They should be done by this weekend.
We've got a three page update this week as the Knights of Metaredan finally confront are heroes. And I'm working on new banners for this page.
Sorry for the delay. I was busy drawing the thumbnails for the next thirty or so pages. I experimented with these two pages to cut down on the time it takes to work on them. It hasn't work out like I wanted. As you can see, I'm also messing around with this page as well. I'm trying new things, like the quick sketch of Captain Marvel from Nextwave I did for the Art box at the bottom of the page.
I've also found out that someone added Last Chance to The Belfry, a comic list.

Sorry for the late update. I had to get new pens.
Last Chance will now update with only two new pages from now on.
I'm updating the cast and beasts pages with some new artwork.
Well, with taking the test and a change in what I have to do at work, there wasn't an update last week. Sorry, but I really needed a break. But, we're back with another three page update. And please pardon the crap artwork. I got a annoying papercut on my index finger and it made it difficult to draw these pages yesterday.
Sorry, but there won't be a update this week. I've got to really study for a test I have to take and I barely had time to plot out the next have of the chapter. LC will be back with new comics next friday.
It's a day late but the comic is up with three new pages. I had drawn the first two panels of LC117 when I realized that most of the info being stated was the same info being told on the next page. So I had to rewrite the two pages into one. More next week.
The last update of 2006. Although I missed an update here and there, I've managed to keep this comic going for well over a year. Here's to another year of Last Chance. More next week.
Sorry about last week. A project came up that I had to do and I was unable to draw any of the pages. But we're back with a four page update and the first appearance of Ryoko. More next week.
Chapter Five begins with three new pages.
Another 3 page update and the LC home page has a new look. New chapter begins next week.
And we're back! With this update, we've reach over 101 comics. Come back next week for the end of the Goddess and her Guard.
There won't be a update this week due to a bunch of reasons. This sketch of Susie Q should hold you over. I'll try to get six pages done for next week and bring the Goddess and her Guard chapter to a end. More next week, hopefully.
Sorry for the late comics, I have a cold that completely screw up my progress. But LC097 is in color and we're nearing page 100! More next week.
Yet another 3 page update. I also managed to do one page of the Dark Bane comic. More next week.
I managed to do three new pages of Last Chance and three pages of the KnightQuest:The Dark Bane comic. More next week.
Hey look, I managed to get a update up on friday. Next week's update might be delayed because I really want to get a couple pages of the Dark Bane comic up. More later.
And we're back. I'll try to have the next batch done by friday.
Okay. The comic has been delayed. As you can see above the pages are already drawn and inked, I just need to touch up the art, add the text and speech bubbles, and all the rest. Hopefully, it will all be done by monday or sooner. More Later.
Knightquest Online is over four years old! A special sunday update. A storm messed up fridays update but here it, 3 new pages, some new art in the gallery, and the story so far page has been updated. More next week. Hopefully.
KnightQuest Online is nearing its fourth year being online. To celebrate you can now download the Susie Beast Battle Gear Wallpaper for free from the Wallpaper page.
Tybalt sigil 22-Aug-11
Sorry for the delay. Last week my father got out of the hospital and I stayed over at his house for four days straight. Which meant that I couldn't get to my computer or any of my files. Even though I had about two pages ready this time, I'm only posting one since I don't know when I'll get back to my computer.
Deva 08-Aug-11
Two pages this time. Next update there may be two new pages as well. There is also a new sketch over on the Dark Bane page.
Serinda Swan 25-Jul-11
Late post, but with any luck I'll be able to post another page this friday.
Hey, look Last is back. Making various changes around the site which is why the update was late. I've fixed some broken links in the LC comic archive and other things here and there. More changes are coming so stay tuned.
Two pages done again for this update. Pretty soon, we will be back to Last and the others as they search for Phirelle's mother.
Two page update this time to make up for the two week absence. Work got in way and I had to look over some thumbnails I'd done of pages to see if I could fit them in this chapter. I also already have the next two pages drawn and inked.
Fascinating! 15-Jun-11
Sorry for the delay. I saved LC329 at the wrong size and I had to go back and redo the lettering. Lucky for me, I didn't have to go back to the original raw scan. Hopefully, I'll get the next update up on time.
LC is back with a new page. I've already finished the pencils on the next page and it should be done by next week.
V 21-Mar-11
Well, I'm back quicker than I expected. I managed to get a new printer/scanner last week and scanned in the pages I had done before the old computer when haywire for the last time. Sorry for the delay. I had some files that were only on the old computer so I'm still getting use to the new set up and and trying to find out if I have back up here or there. But, don't worry. I was half way through inking the next set of pages when this happened so there should be an update here next week.
I'm back after two months with new pages of Last Chance. I ran into a couple of problems and just yesterday I managed to get photoshop working on my old computer. It's been a weird trip down memory lane as I relearn what makes the computer freeze when I'm working on a comic page. That was the last real hurdle I had to overcome. Editing a comic without Photoshop for me means using mspaint. I did one page and it looked like crap. But don't worry, these pages were done with photoshop and meet our regular standard as does the two pages for next week's update which are done. Not inked, not scanned into the computer, but 100% done and ready for you next monday. I've also uploaded a some fanart on the main page and on the gallery page.
I managed to get at least one page done for a update. I've finish the plot for the rest of this chapter and did the pencils for all the pages except the last one. I'm in the middle of inking the LC310 and if I waited it would delay the update more. Hopefully with the pages already drawn this should give me enough time to make a update on time.
Still adjusting to various things. It has kind of thrown off my updates and other things. Hopefully I can get things back to normal around here.
Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been taking it easy. Work was getting to me and I needed a break. Didn't plan on it being nearly three weeks long but I'm back.
Okay, if you didn't check out the livejournal, I've move my webcomic updates to monday from now on. This affects the Dark Bane and Last Chance. I done this as I now have the whole weekend to work on the comic pages and real life crap and then update the comic monday afternoons after I get off work. This is the way things have worked out the past couple of weeks so I finally decided to make the change permanent.
At the bottom of the page you can find some link banners.

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