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Misc Galleries
Street Fighter's Cammy page
Donna Troy
Elfwood science fiction and fantasy art and fiction.
Red Sonja's web page
Batgirl Online
Devilgirl and Spacegirl online galleries
Deadman gallery
Batgirl-Oracle Page
Fangirl-The Fan Site for Female Characters in Comic books.
Game babe
Galleries of various videogame women
Satanika gallery
Masamune Shirow's Jashin Hunter
Arthur Adams unofficial site
galleries of Malibu's Mantra, including pictures done by some well known artists.
This Woman, This Warrior
galleries of Carol Danver, Ms.Marvel/Binary/Warbird of the Avengers.
Supergirl Power
huge galleries of various comicbook superwomen from various industry artists.
The Barnyard of Art
Digital Medusa
various takes on Medusa from the Inhumans and mythology by various artists
The World of Uresei Yatsura's Lum
Fantastic four
Conceptual drawings for the Fantastic Four movie by Bill Boes.
Argo City fan art
Super girl fanart
galleries of final fantasy, street fighter, comic book art by various artists
Titans Tower
gallery and info on the Titans.
The Mr.T Sketchbook
Felicia Strickland - A Real WonderWoman
Dr.Doom art
Powergirl gallery
Powergirl sketches by pro artists.
Psylocke's Image Gallery
Pro con sketches.
X-Men Characters
List/bio of nearly every X-Men character you can think off.
Leia's Metal

Sites with my Fanart
Benedictine Studios Gallery 3
Best place to find fanart and misc sketches and junk by me.
My rarely updated Deviantart account
RPG World Fanart
Krystal From StarFox Fanart
...I Want A Kiss In the Dark
Evil Zone Videogame fanart site.

Voice Actors
Voice Chaser
huge lists of voice actors for film, tv, anime, etc.
David Kaye
voice of Megatron in Beast Wars/Machines, Pyron in Darkstalkers, Gen. Hawk in G.I.Joe, Treize Krush Renada in Gundam Wing, and more.
Wendee Lee
voice of Kagero in Ninja Scroll, T.K. and Renamon in Digimon, Faye Valentine in Cowboy BeBop, Yoko in Bastard!!, Twilight Suzuka in Outlaw Star, Kiyone in Tenchi Muyo! and more.
Tristan MacAvery
voice of Gendo Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Jennifer Darling
voice of Ayeka in Tenchi Muyo! and others
Nancy Cartwright
voice of Bart Simpson, Rufus from Kim Possible, and others.
Lisa Ortiz
Lorenzo Music
voice of Garfield and the original voice of Peter Venkman from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.
Richard Epcar
voice of Bateau from Ghost in the Shell
Tiffany Grant
voice of Asuka in Evangelion.
Tara Strong
voice of Batgirl in the later versions of the animated Batman series, Ingrid Third in Disney's Fimore, Kylie from Ghostbusters Extreme, etc.
EG Daily
voice of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats and Babe from Babe Pig in the City.
Jim Byrnes fanclub

Dark Horizons
Best source for movies and etertainment news and reviews
Star Wars boldly go where no one has gone before!
Xiao Xiao
The Xiao Xiao flash movies and games
Quicktime movie trailers from the all the major studios.
flash greeting cards, flash animated shorts, and desktop deskmates buddies.
Urban Legends Reference pages
Home to various wav files of tv and movie themes. It also has anime themes but you'll have to search for them. But you really shoyld listen to actual outtakes they have from the Thundercats and Silverhawks.
Matthew Sweet Videos
music videos of Matthew Sweet including Girlfriend and I've Been Waiting featuring Urusei Yatsura's Lum
Rightstuf International
Looking for affordable or hard to find anime. Search this huge catalog for whatever you need. DVDs, Posters, t-shirts, art books, games, etc. All can found here.
[Abyssal Flames] Laws of Anime
A lists of laws that seem common in most anime
Mimiri Onsen
This site has various vid clips from the japanese Tenchi Muyo! Mimiri Onsen game.
World's Finest
Sandy Collora film featuring Batman and Superman.

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