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Cyberpunk Ciri group wip
Fan Art - Cyberpunk Witcher Ciri group wip

This is a crap render of a picture I started last summer. It started with Ciri from The Witcher, in a cyberpunk setting. I gave her new hair, a gun, outfit and a bike and placed her in a warehouse. Then I started adding in other characters and elements that I purchased from daz3d but hadn't use yet. The problem is that I the more I added, the bigger and harder it was to render the file. Hell, it took a long time just to get it open. Anyway, I recreated the initial image I had for this image. It's slightly different from the original, but it close. If I get a better computer, I try to render it again.
Updated the picture slighty in photoshop since some the element came out as clear in the original picture.

Cirilla Fiona Elena Riannon and The Witcher belong to their original copyright owners. All artwork by Oran Rocha unless otherwise noted.
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