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Demon's Heart sketches/plot

Here are some early sketches and a basic story for a comic I'm working on called Demon's Heart. Hopefully, I'll have the characters designs and story locked up to the point that I can produce a decent story.

initial plot

Two knights in training are returning home on leave when they come across ruin and death. The Snowmane Inn, Sierra's home, burns and dead lay scatter around the area.
Agents of a demon lord had come to take one of royal blood to restore their imprisoned master. The princess Quenya was widely known to be taught at the inn by the scholar who owns it, far from the security of the city. The royal guards were taken unawares and killed easily. With their captured prize, they could still be seen escaping into the wild. Now, Jubei and Sierra are the only chance left to save their friend.

Jubei is one of the heroes of this story. A knight in training for the kingdom of Arnora, he is on his way to one day becoming as great a warrior as his forebearers before him. He has lived with his swordsmith uncle since his parents were called to war long ago.

Jubei's oldest and best friend, Sierra is a tomboyish red-headed knight in training as well. She dreams of a life of valor on the battlefield rather than one as a lady of the court, that her mother would prefer. Although she's at times quick-tempered and spunky, she deadly serious when it comes to her duty as a knight of Arnora.

Elven princess and chief heir to the throne of Arnora. Raised to be the future queen and ruler of Arnora, she lived a mostly sheltered life as a child after her mother's death. When she began her studies at her teacher's home, she befriended Jubei and Sierra. The time she spent with them helped ease her grief and they've all been close friends ever since.

Dakota is one of Arnora's many advisors and scholars of lore, magic and science. She is also the chief tutor of the princess Quenya, who is often instructed at her residence/inn on the outskirts of the city. Surviving the attack on her home, she quickly joins her daughter and Jubei in pursuit of the demon's minions. If what she believes is correct, not only is the life of the princess in danger, but so too the entire world.

Merle is a traveling bard/waitress from the lands of Cine-Tei. By some uncanny ability she delays the escaping minions, closing the gap between the persuing heroes and their enemy. She later joins them in their hunt.

Dread demon queen of great reknown of the ancient world who fell long ago. Could she be the demon lord that threatens all?

New Sketches Sept 2005
Dakota & Jubei

More to come later.

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