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KnightQuest: The Dark Bane Cast.

Sir Rafael De La Rocha Imperial Name - Tyberius Draco Lycanus
Sir Rafael De La Rocha, Rybalt Knight Paladin, Tarkolian Imperial officer and Duke of War of Silverdrake. Son to Gen. Deigo De La Rocha and the elf lordess Gellarhion which makes him a Kredan All-Blood. Charge with the protection of the Empire from threats coming from the Northern Forge or the lost lands of the Olde Dominions.
Huntress Diana De La Rocha Imperial Name - Nieth Draca Lycanus Divinia
Diana is a twin sister to Rafael. Although All-blood like her siblings, she is the only one to age almost like a regular human. A renowed Huntress and Ranger, she patrol along side her brother when not leading her Ravens.
Queen Edolyn Silverdrake
Edolyn is the white witch queen of the kingdom of Silverdrake, the only true kingdom to reside in the Northern Forge. Like the queens before her, she has a close friendship with Sir Rafael.
Dame Vanessa Storm Imperial Name - Hekate Draca Lycanus
Dame Storm is unique among the Rybalt in that she is a Knight and also a Ebon Witch. Taken in by Gen. De La Rocha after her family was killed, she was one of Sir Rafael's masters and is his current partner. She also holds the deadly honor of being the Nemesis Enforcer to the Emperor.
Victoria De La Rocha Imperial Name - Isis Draca Lycanus Minerva
Victoria De La Rocha or Victoriel Morgana in high elven society . Another of Rafael's twin sisters and next in line for the leadership of the Isisian elves.
Gellarhion De La Rocha Imperial Name - Rhea Draca Lycanus Gella
Gellarhion is wife to Gen. Deigo De La Rocha and matriarch of the House of De La Rocha. Daughter of the Ennead elf queen Delkana and the High elf prince Halian. Contested queen of Isisia.
Hestiel De La Rocha Imperial Name - Hestia Draca Lycanus
Younger sister to Rafael and Diana. She is a prominent earth magic mage.
Reina of Silverdrake
Citizen of Silverdrake attacked by a rogue band of werewolves.
Queen Sigyn Silverdrake Imperial Name - Termina Romulus
A previous queen of Silverdrake who escaped the Vanishing of Elderaan with the aid of an ancient Silverdrake artifact, leaving her kingdom in choas. Was discovered by accident by Rafael and later encounter a member of the imperial family, who she later married. Offered her abandoned kingdom as gift to Tarkolia.
Princess Sigaine Silverdrake Imperial Name - Aurora Caesarina Romulus
Daughter of Sigyn Silverdrake and a member of the Imperial family.
Sigid Silverdrake
First Queen of Silverdrake. Rescued along with her future husband by Rafael after an orc attack.

One-Leader leads the BloodFang tribe of orcs. Part shaman, part chief he has lead them to revive an old orc god, Maldok. To do these they've terrorized the Northern Forge, looking for sacrifices to make his return possible.
Cobalt Assassin
The Cobalt is the name used for various different guilds of Dark Bane warriors or those who use dark, evil magic. They are the enemy of those who fight against the dark bane, namely the Rybalt knights. This drow assassin was hire by someone to help the Bloodfang orcs to cause unrest in the Northern Forge.
Maldok is a ancient god of the Orc tribes. He was known to be blood-thristy and even had his followers attack other tribes that worshipped other orc gods. He was defeated long ago, when the other orc gods united against him and his followers nearly eradicated. Now he has been revived and needs blood charged with powerful magic in order to survive.
Lady Blade
Lady Blade is a leader of a group of Cobalt warriors. The same guild that sent an agent to insure the revival of Maldok to prevent the Tarkol Empire from regaining a foothold in Elderann.


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