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Here's a BFB comic I did for a cartooning class back in 1999. I later adapted it for my film amination class. This first page was originally done like in the standard horizontal newspaper comic strip format. The assignment was to have two people meet. We were then suppose to carry on from there. I later did a cut and paste job for the first page to fit a comic book format.
The story was made up as I went along. Its stars Zuke and Riff trying to rescue their friends from the pirate king Marvel. A lot got lost from the original thumbnails and it was the first time I did any inking. Some parts are horrible. And if you've noticed, you really can't read anything. That's because this was also the first time I lettered a full comic page. It's all crap but it is evidence that I have "improved" over the years.

The Bear From Beyond

Do that which is next
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